Californian Eddie stumbled across our last NOS Paletti frame online, shortly after completing another custom build for himself.

He mentioned that he’d been looking for another late-’80s Paletti frame in his size for some time, after thoroughly enjoying the one he used to ride one years ago. This one was a rather special frame made of lightweight Columbus EL steel tubing, featuring an ovalised aero seat tube, Luciano Paletti’s signature cast lugs, and a funky carbon-look paint job.

Our customer had begun to collect components for the build, but since we had a Campagnolo C-Record groupset in great condition in the shop, it made sense for us to build it up and send to him as a complete bike. We decided to stick with a friction-only shifting set up for elegance and to save a bit of weight. A dark-anodised Campagnolo Omega V wheelset in almost-new condition topped off the build, making it as good as new.

Lovely bike, and happy riding Eddie!