As luck would have it, another Simonato turned up in our workshop this week. It’s a pity that we forgot to take a few snaps of how this bike looked when the owner dropped it of with us for restoration. It lacked a front wheel, and was looking more than a little forlorn.

We lavished a whole heap of love on the frame and fork, ridding it of years of accumulated dirt and grime and bringing the Bahama Yellow and black paint to a gleaming shine. The chrome has been brought back to life with a good polish, and now exhibits a very nice gleam. We built a new front wheel using a good used matching high-flange Campagno hub, and a suitable rim similar to the Mavic rear. The red sidewall Michelin Erilium tyres make for a nice colour accent, matching the red in the Oscar Simonato-pantographed stem. The handlebars received a new double wrap of classic black cloth tape. With the exception of new brake cables and silver outers, every other component was already attached. Each and every part was rebuilt with fresh bearings and grease, and now this stylish classic is once again ready to roll.