Seen here is an excellent example of a Maza ‘Elite’ steel road frameset which we have just built up into a compete road bike for a customer. The Maza name is derived from the first two letters of the surnames of framebuilders Antonio Mattioli and Soldino Zanasi, who used to work for Luciano Paletti before becoming partners in their own company in the late 1980s. Their names are featured in a decal on the top tube.

This lugged frameset is constructed with Columbus MS Multi Shape tubing, which was an improvement in stiffness over round cross-section tubing. It features some nice details, notably the unique bottom bracket shell to fit the unusual cross-section down tube and the differing seat stay shapes, triangular on the non-drive side and oversize oval on the drive side. The head lugs are chrome plated, as are the lower two thirds of the curved fork blades, and three quarters of the rear stays. The headlugs have ‘MZ’ intitials on the top lug, and ‘maza’ in lower case lettering on the lower headlug. The drop-outs are of Mattiolo and Zanasi’s own design, and have the company name engraved. At the rear they are filed to points where they slot into the stays. The bottom bracket shell and the fork crown are engraved with the ‘MZ’ initials. The seat stay end caps and the rear brake bridge also feature engraving. All the engravings are hand detailed in yellow enamel. The paint scheme is pale sky blue over pearl white.

It goes without saying that a frame of this pedigree should be graced with Campagnolo components. This bike wears a Chorus group with ‘BB Carbon’ Ergopwer levers. We chose a 3tt stem and matching smoke chrome Ergonomic handlebars, and matched the black Flite saddle with black handlebar tape. The Mavic Open Pro rims are black anodised, and wear matching black sidewall Mavic XXC Yksion Pro tyres.