The first week of October is the time of year when all roads lead to Tuscany, as dedicated proponents of the classic steel cycling lifestyle head in their droves to L’Eroica. Cicli Berlinetta have been happily taking part at L’Eroica for the last seven years, and have witnessed it’s increasing popularity first hand.
Regretfully this year the weather wasn’t quite as hospitable as the locals, and those riders who got underway early in the day soon got a soaking. Nobody was going to let the rain put too much of a damper on their good mood, and a glass or two of Chianti (even specially bottled for cyclists*) kept spirits up. We met up with old friends and made some new ones.
As ever, the bicycle market turned up some desirable items and fruitful connections, and the vintage cycles on display included rarities with fascinating backstories. Admiring the 1986 prototype steel suspension road Laser from Cinelli, we made the acquaintance of Andrea Pesenti, a legendary innovator and a charming chap. After L’Eroica we paid a visit to Pesenti at his studio. Check back soon for a feature article exploring his design genius, in which we’ll tell you all about a few of the milestones in bike design that he divulged to us…

*We have a few bottles of gold label 2012 ‘Gino Bartali’ Chianti in store for visitors in person, but for a short time only, because it goes down so easily!