Very different to the full-size road racing bikes which are our bread and butter, this old school BMX racing bike is a real blast from the past! In this instance the customer brought the frame set and all the dope components in to us and asked us to build it up for him.

JMC were a big name in BMX from all the way back in the day. The Black Shadow was their “lightning quick” shorter wheelbase racing frame, with very steep steering geometry. Ridden to many wins by Pro riders such as Darrell Young and Harry Leary (before he moved to Diamond Back), it features aero fork blades. This bike looks really rad, sporting Redline Flite 401 cranks (what else!?), and original ‘Beartrap’ pedals (nope, they weren’t invented by Hutch).

Your webmaster got all misty-eyed and began reminiscing about his days as a gnarly BMX ‘Grem’. Kinda makes you want to go get back into it, eh? Those were the days… (sigh). “Do a wheelie mate!”